By bringing western OD and eastern OD together in China, we will co-create an inspiring international experience that will demonstrate the power of OD in the fiercely competitive markets, show new OD developments, and build global OD networks.


We will demonstrate how OD helps build global empires such as Apple, Google, Alibaba, Amazon, Tencent, and Huawei. 

OD consultants will use real case studies done in some of these world largest organizations to demonstrate the power of OD. 


Our conference is making history: On the one hand
we will bring some of the world-best OD professionals to China, and we will also have the best Chinese OD
professionals to show how Chinese wisdoms inform
western OD field. On the other hand, in the history of OD, this is the first time we will also have the greatest percentage of participants who are business leaders – CEOs, COOs, and other leaders who have executive
and managerial responsibilities. We will expect to
have 300-500 high caliber participants -- executives, OD consultants, coaches, HR professionals, trainers,
and consultants -- to come to the conference. 


In this inseparable global village, we have to build a
global OD community. In this conference, we will have representatives around the world – Americans,
Europeans, Africans, Japanese, Indians,  Koreans, and Chinese. We will share, we will connect, and we will
build a global OD platform. We will also create business collaboration opportunities for each other.  

The most renowned Chinese TaiChi Master (in his 80’s), HuiFeng Men, will come to the conference to teach us 
the Wisdoms of Energy, Balance and Change. 

He will present briefly in the main conference and follows up with a 2 day Taichi Workshop led by him and his 
disciples. This will provide such a unique embodied experience which will have profound impacts on participants. 

Interested in participating?

We welcome both individuals and organizations to
participate in this project.
If interested, please contact: \ +86 18600323077 \ +86 13811322966

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